Monday, March 23, 2009

Motherhood and Direct Sales

My first job on this earth is motherhood. I take it very seriously. I have 4 fantastic kids. Direct Sales has allowed me to work right out of my home. I have always been able to go on all the field trips. I am always home when the bus pulls up. You understand what I am talking about. I have worked my home based business so that I can earn a great income that allows me to concentrate on what I truly value God's greatest gift - my kids. You just can't put a dollar value on that and I have never taken it for granted! My 4 kids are growing up very fast, and two of them are now away at college. Recently I was reminded of the flexibility of my business. My daughter attends college in a major city, 5 hours away from our home. On a Sunday night I got a terrifying call from her that she was extremely ill and needed medical attention. The EMT's were called and she ended up being admitted to the hospital. I was tormented about whether or not I needed to go to be with her. The nurses were telling me that she looked terrible but that it was probably just strep throat. So what to do? Well, I just couldn't stay at home knowing that she was in the hospital so far away with a high fever and no definitive diagnosis. In less than an hour I was packed up with my clothes and my laptop and I was on my way to Boston. She ended up in the hospital for 3 days with a high fever and was actually quite sick. It was a blessing that I could go and be there to take care of her. No one knows their own child like a one! Having a direct sales business like mine allowed me the flexiblity to pick it up and go with it! All my contacts are on my laptop. I was able to communicate with my team while she was sleeping and even held a training call on one of the evenings. If I had to work a 9 to 5 job I certainly would not have the flexibility to just pick up and go. I would need to ask for permission. I would have to deal with the repercussions upon my return. Working for yourself as a mother is just a wonderful opportunity - but it is work! I have worked hard over the years to have a base built up in my business so that when emergencies or family gets in the way - I always have a business to return to! I feel truly blessed and thankful for my wonderful family and my chosen career path.

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