Thursday, February 12, 2009

Added Perks of Your Direct Sales Business!

One of the perks I have come to realize with my direct sales business is the amount of friendships I have gained. Working from home can be a solitary environment, but not when you are in direct sales party plan! There are so many avenues to reach out to the other women who are doing exactly the same thing as you. You may be living in completely different parts of the country with different circumstances but you have a tie that binds - your business. You have a connection with all the other consultants within your company! You belong to a huge family! With our company we have ongoing live training calls. Women from around the country call in so you get to 'meet' each other from time to time on the calls. It may be brief, but you begin to familiarize yourself with different names and voices. You look forward to hearing from the regulars on the calls as well as the anticipation of the new people with their excitement and enthusiasm. We also have a YahooGroup site as well. This has really taken on a life of its own recently as we continue to grow. It is wonderful to see women posting and asking and answering each others questions. The genuine support of each other is such a wonderful thing to see. A couple of months ago my 18 year old daughter created a Facebook account for me - wow - that has been amazing! I have been able to actually see the faces of many of our consultants! What I thought was for kids I am learning is a major networking resource for adults of ALL ages! If you haven't created a Facebook account - you are missing out! Not only can we now connect in a business sense, but it makes it even more personal if you can see pictures of each others family.

Creating this bond is essential to the success of anyone starting out in a home based business. It is so easy to feel alone and get discouraged at times. By joining the groups, participating in the discussions, it creates a network of support and friends. It eliminates all the distance and helps keep you motivated. You will create lasting friendships that surpass your business needs and bring value to your life in many ways. I know I speak from experience!



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